That’s Certainly a Lot of Composing, Composing, 07/07/2017

I had to take yesterday off from the blog because I had to hit the emergency room Tuesday night to deal with an injury. It was nothing serious – I still have all my limbs, organs, and brain cells.

I’m missing some skin on my ankle, though. Thanks to the GF and my GP, that wound is now covered by a bandage that I actually know how to change myself. This is already more practical medical knowledge than I’ve ever had before.

Getting ready to close another era of Doctor Who with my first scheme
to make a little cash from it.
One good thing about having to sit in an emergency room for four hours is that I got a lot of reading done. So I have a bunch more blog entries to work through.

I also owe my Doctor Who analysis readers a rankings post. I’ll prepare that over the weekend, though I’m having trouble figuring out the best breakdown. I can rank them according to pure quality of story or their contribution to the ethical theme of the season, and I think both would be useful. But the lists would end up looking very different.

It’s also tough to figure out the best way to deal with the Monks Trilogy in the rankings. It’s a three episode story, but each episode is handled by a different writer and has such wildly varying quality that we’re best to treat it as three stories.

There are two ways I could go on both these issues, which make me think that this is the sort of thing to start talking about on Patreon over the weekend when I start promoting my Capaldi Era book. I choose one of each to put on the blog, and leave the alternative for the book.

As part of that work on Doctor Who, I’ve actually connected with some folks who are preparing a pretty substantial fanfic / media project. More news about this as the details firm up over the next year. But it’s going to be quite a lot of fun.

No, he's not that kind of founder.
I also published my first long-form blog post as part of my work with a young marketing firm. The Founder won’t mind that I linked it on my own blog in a Composing post because he specializes in SEO and this is how that whole process works.

I’ll be promoting these communications / marketing posts with a few key influencers I know. It’s a project that I think will let me contribute to the discussions of professional communications and marketing in a way I’m well-suited for – philosophical analysis of trends in online marketing, communications, and new media technology.

Long-term, I think my work with Rosaline Digital Marketing could give me the background to become a kind of in-house futurist. Yes, I know that sounds horrifyingly pretentious. I’m simply speaking here about branding, developing an approach to marketing and communications planning that sees the weaknesses of conventional wisdom by the time it becomes conventional.

All of this is very provisional planning, new writing ventures that have come up lately. It’s quite a few hats to wear, in addition to my work as a teacher, filmmaker, and political philosopher. But there are all enough common themes that, as all these ongoing projects come together, you can see the singular nature of all my work, its core unity.

Typical of most of my projects. I can’t tell you what it’s really about until it’s over.

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