Brief Hiatus, So Buy My Book, 25/07/2014

Just a short note to let any regular readers and random happenstance readers know that Adam Writes Everything is going on a bit of a hiatus for a few days, which is a massive gap compared to the actual purpose of the blog.

By the time this post is published, I'll be on my way to Eclipse festival in a campsite in the middle of nowhere in Quebec. With my best girl by my side, my copy of Spinoza's Ethics in my hand (and maybe I'll take some Negri along too; I'm not sure), and our friend Dreamboat driving the rental car up with his compact-size girlfriend L, I'll dance, rave, philosophize, and promote my book with a campsite full of hippies and party people.

I probably won't get back to the internet until the following Tuesday or Wednesday. It'll be a good break, especially after this past week. Until then, here's the link to my publisher's website, where you can buy my book, Under the Trees, Eaten.

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