Origin Myths

So this is the inaugural post of what I hope will at least be an interesting thing to put on the internet, and may eventually entertain more people that just my circles of friends. Adam Writes Everything is a diary of all the creative processes spinning through my head. There will be an update every day. 

In one perspective, this is a motivation for me never to slack off my research or writing. But it’s also a venue to promote that research and writing, presuming that it will eventually have followers, or at least by a mildly noteworthy piece of internet. Also, it’s a pet peeve of mine when someone comments on a book or film or album or any other piece of media without ever having really read, seen, or listened to it. Of course I’ve done this myself, and of course I’m not going to tell you anything about those incidents. But in the course of what I hope will be a lifelong career in research and writing, it’s good to admit that there are still things left to read. And I’ll be totally honest on this blog about what I’m reading for the first time. More people probably should be.

Here are the rules: 
  1. This blog will never involve complaining, economic difficulties, or negativity of any kind. 
  2. There will be nothing on this blog talking about my personal life. Only ideas and positive professional developments. 
I guess that isn’t so many rules after all. But they’re quite comprehensive. These are the different kinds of posts that will be on the blog. 

Research Time. I read stuff. I read books, journal articles, news, fiction, comics, watch movies and TV (though not really that much TV, comparatively speaking). Quite often, I think of an interesting idea during this consumption. And recording that idea for use in some later writing project makes all this research. These posts will discuss particularly good ideas that I had over the course of the day. They’ll be raw, vague, and not particularly well-developed or thought through in all their possible implications. I mean, of course they won’t! I only just thought of it, man. Give me a break.

Composing. And sometimes, I’ll write. Maybe I’ll edit something I had been working on. Maybe I’ll get revision directions for an article from a peer reviewer. Maybe I’ll come up with a new thought or story element for one of my fiction projects, or write a new passage in one of them. On the days when I do that, I’ll write about it (spoiler free!) in one of these posts. 

A History Boy. At the moment, I’m 30. That’s not technically personal information, because I’m letting you know that I’m not a freshman at this. I’ve been reading generally since I was 2, writing fiction on and off since I was 16, and reading philosophy since I was 18. I have settled opinions, perspectives, interpretations, stances, even conclusions. I’ve gotten a lot done. And you might need some catching up to understand some of what I say in the Composing and Research Time posts. Just to take an example, if I write something about Gilles Deleuze, it comes with the context that I’ve read huge amounts of his work, he’s a major figure of my focus in the history of philosophy, and I’ve been engaging with his writings for 6 years now. I have some pretty complex ideas about Deleuze and his thinking. Raw unfiltered Adam Riggio is too much for some people (interpret that however you want, internet). So History Boy posts will catch you up on my influences, opinions, and so on, when it comes to the past.

And that’s actually it. At least for now. All blogs change over time. Projects grow more complex, audiences shift. Hell, sometimes you even have an audience. And in the hopes of building an audience, you’ll next hear from me tomorrow when I have something else to say.


  1. Good luck on this endeavor, Adam. I tried to do a blog of 100-word commentaries on cultural matter but received no comments, and so feel obliged to comment now. Anyway, may I suggest you at some point give us an idea of the sorts of feedback you're looking for?

  2. From my perspective, the best comment would simply be a slightly more elaborate version of "WTF?".

    I'm not really doing this for dialogue with people through comments. That would be nice, but it's incidental. Short term, I'm doing this so my work stays on track, especially during periods like now when I'm between contracts and not sure when or where the next one will be. Long term, I hope this builds enough of a cult following that I can at least say I have a blog that helps promote my professional projects as they come out.